Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some kind words about Princess Atelia!

"I too would love to share this book with my youngest granddaughter. Children can be very cruel to one another but teaching children to believe in themselves and have self confidence help keep them strong and keep that confidence."

"Oh my God, this book just reminded of my niece Casey, she is a crtitical case! and I mean it!. She is 10 yrs old and wants to be a wrestler when she grows up, not just a wrestler for school, but WCW wrestler, Like John Cena, THe Rock, etc.. she is truly a tomboy, she doesnt wear girly clothes, or earrings but deep down inside somewhere I know she has some girly aspects. we do crafts together and I dress her up in yellow and pink at times and she does wear dresses when she has to. and I did hear from my son who is 9 yrs old her hanging buddy, that she has a crush on a boy, so there is hope on changing that future career to maybe something less drastic, maybe not a Princess, but maybe this book will do her alot of good and I can wish upon a star that she will like the girly stuff someday, but I won’t push it, but I definitely let her be herself and enjoy all the things she likes , soccer, softball, and wrestling and playing with boys. Hey I was a tomboy and I grew out of it and I loved makeup and shoes! thanks for the entry this book seems like a good start for girl finding their own way, I love it!"

"This book sounds wonderful! I like the concept that not every princess looks exaclty alike (like Sleeping Beauty). My daughter would truly enjoy this book!"


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