Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snippet of Princess Atelia and the Wishing Star..

After recess, Atelia sat at her desk drawing superheroes until Mrs. Wellington the
English teacher got ready to start the lessons. “Good afternoon”, Mrs. Wellington
cheerfully said, “today we are going to have a class discussion on When I grow up,
I want to be a…. “Great”, Atelia depressingly thought to herself. She never
thought about what she wanted to be when she got older. All she cared about was
being ten. After listening to how Sabrina wants to be a nurse like her mom and
how Michael wants to be the most exciting lion tamer of all time, it was now
Atelia’s turn.

She thought and thought and thought some more, but she couldn’t think of what
she wanted to be. She glanced at Mrs. Wellington and saw her impatiently tapping
her fingernails against the desk. With a big smile Atelia blurted out “when I grow
up I want to be a princess!” “A princess!” one of the boys snickered. “Boys can’t
be princesses!” another boy teased. The class roared with laughter.

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